Thursday, 27 November 2014



Bugis Influence In The Johor Kingdom Now the royal Johor kingdom based in Bintan was in a quandary. There is no royal linage left to continue the sultanate. Sultan Mahmud II of Johor was murdered in 1699. The Bendahara at that time was Bendahara Abdul Jalil who was encouraged by the court officials to accede to the throne as Sultan Abdul Jalil IV. However, many locals did not support him as he was not of royal blood. Thus upon ascending the throne, Sultan Abdul Jalil killed all the wives of Sultan Mahmud to avoid any future claims to the throne. Nevertheless one of the wifes, Che Pong managed to escape to Minangkabau and gave birth to Raja Kechil. Then at the age of 20, Raja Kecil from Minangkabau claimed to the rightful heir to the throne of Johor. Raja Kecil initially wanted to hire Daeng Parani and his Bugis brothers stationed in Kuala Selangor to assist him in overthrowing Sultan Abdul Jalil. Later he decided not to engage the Bugis brothers sensing their lust for power. Instead, he assembled a Minangkabau fleet and attacked Riau. He managed to overthrow Sultan Abdul Jalil, who was then made the new Bendahara and sent to Pahang. Raja Kecil then sent an assassin to kill Sultan Abdul Jalil in Pahang. Raja Kecil then acceded the throne of Johor-Riau as Sultan Abdul Jalil Rahmat Shah. Dissatisfied, Raja Sulaiman the 20 year old son of the late Sultan Abdul Jalil, seeked justice and revenge. He enlisted the help of the very same Bugis brothers from Sulawesi, based in Kuala Selangor to attack Riau. He finally managed to dethrone Raja Kecil and acceded the throne as the new sultan of Johor Riau. Raja Kecil managed to escape to Siak in Sumatra and establish a new sultanate there. Raja Sulaiman became Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alam Shah (Sultan Sulaiman 1). However, he proved to be weak and a puppet to his advisors, the Bugis of Sulawesi who helped him accede to the throne. Daeng Parani and his brothers , Daeng Menambun, Daeng Marewah, Daeng Chelak and Daeng Kemasi, were the real power behind the throne.


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