Wednesday, 23 October 2013


GOWA MAKASSAR ALAUDDIN 1593 AD RARE! And this is an example of Gold Dinar or Coupang coin from Gowa Sultanate under the period of Sultan Alauddin Awwalul Islam (1593-1639). He was the first sultan of Gowa who converted to Islam, and introdced Islam to Celebes Island. His Title Reign is : "I mangngarangi Dg. Manrahia S. Alaudin Awwalul Islam Tumenanga ri Gaukanna", or "Matinroe Agamanna". Obverse Legend : IN ARABIC KHALAD ALLAH MULKAHU Reverse Legend : SULTAN ALAUDDIN Ref : See Millies # 249. Weight 0.58 gram, diameter 14 mm. Grade : Beautiful Fine !! Please note that almost all gold coins from Gowa Sultanate came in bad strikes, comparing with the gold coins from Atjeh.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Ancient Coin : Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Shah II (1710-1773CE) This is silver 1 Real from Kedah. Kedah became an Islamic Malay State circa 12th century. It was also known as "Sang Lindung Bulan" which means the shadow of the moon. Obv : BiBalad Kedah Darul Aman 1154AH ( State of Kedah the abode of peace year 1154 AH) rev: Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Khalifatur Rahman Weight : 3.05g Size : 18 mm Date : 1154AH ( 1741CE) Ref Saran's : SS12 RR

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Ancient Coin Review : Sultan Ahmad 1 ( Pasai Sultanate 1270-1295 CE) This one of earliest small coins or masakas during the time of Sultan Ahmad 1 .He reigned Pasai Sultanate from 1270-1295 CE. Pasai, also known as Samudera and Samudera-Pasai sometimes called Samudera Darussalam was a Muslim harbour kingdom on the north coast of Sumatra from the 13th to the 15th centuries CE. It was believed the word Samudera derived from Samudra meaning ocean in Sanskrit. According to Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai, it was said Merah Silu saw an ant as big as a cat, he caught it and ate it and he named the place Samandara. King Merah Silu later converted to Islam, known as Malik ul Salih, he was the sultan in year 1267 CE. Obv: Ahmad Rev: AsSultan Al Adil Weight : 0.26 gm Dim : 6mm Date : 1270-1295 CE Rarity : RRR Denom : 1/2 kupang or Masakas Material : Gold

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Ancient Coin : Sultan Alauddin Ibn Firman Shah ( Aceh Sultanate 1589 - 1604 CE) This is a gold coin from Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah era. He was the aged grandson of Sultan Muzaffar Shah and the son of Al Malik Firman Shah. He killed the grandson of Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah, the son of Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah of Johore. This created a tension between Aceh & Johore.It's narrated by John Davis in his journal in 1599 CE that Sultan Alauddin originally was a fisherman. He reigned Aceh from 1589 - 1604 CE. Obv: As Sultan Al Adil Rev: Alauddin Ibn Firman Shah Weight : 0.59 gm Dim : 13mm Date : 1589 - 1604 CE Rarity :scarce