Wednesday, 23 October 2013


GOWA MAKASSAR ALAUDDIN 1593 AD RARE! And this is an example of Gold Dinar or Coupang coin from Gowa Sultanate under the period of Sultan Alauddin Awwalul Islam (1593-1639). He was the first sultan of Gowa who converted to Islam, and introdced Islam to Celebes Island. His Title Reign is : "I mangngarangi Dg. Manrahia S. Alaudin Awwalul Islam Tumenanga ri Gaukanna", or "Matinroe Agamanna". Obverse Legend : IN ARABIC KHALAD ALLAH MULKAHU Reverse Legend : SULTAN ALAUDDIN Ref : See Millies # 249. Weight 0.58 gram, diameter 14 mm. Grade : Beautiful Fine !! Please note that almost all gold coins from Gowa Sultanate came in bad strikes, comparing with the gold coins from Atjeh.

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