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Sultan Muhammad Shah (1424–1444) was the third sultan of Malacca. He is the son of Megat Iskandar Shah (Sultan of Malacca). He ruled Malacca from 1424 to 1444. He was succeeded by Sultan Abu Syahid. He was popularly known as Raja Tengah or Radin Tengah. At first he took the title Seri Maharaja, but then he converted to Islam, because of the possibility of marriage with the daughter of Tamil Muslims. He had two sons, Raja Kassim and Raja Ibrahim.


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OBVERSE : SULTAN ALADIL REVERSE : MAHMUD KHALIFATUL MUKMININ Mahmud Shah of Pahang Mahmud Shah محمود شاه Sultan of Pahang Reign 1519–1530 Predecessor Mansur Shah I Successor Muzaffar Shah Died 1530 Spouse Raja Putri Olah Raja Khadija Issue Raja Jainad Raja Ismail Raja Puspa Dewi House Melaka Father Muhammad Shah I Religion Sunni Islam Paduka Sri Sultan Mahmud Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Shah is the fifth Sultan of Pahang who reigned from 1519 to 1530. He succeeded on the death of his cousin, Mansur Shah I in 1519.[1] Known as Raja Muzaffar before his accession, he is the youngest son of the first Sultan of Pahang, Muhammad Shah by his wife Mengindra Putri. He married first to his cousin Raja Putri Olah binti al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad, daughter of the second Sultan of Pahang, and second at Bintan circa 1519 to Raja Khadija binti al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Shah, daughter of the last sultan of Melaka.[2] Reign The open warfare between Pahang and the Portuguese continued during Mahmud Shah's reign. He personally became embroiled with wars against the Portuguese in alliance with the deposed Mahmud Shah of Melaka, whose daughter, Raja Khadija he married in 1519. He assisted the Melakan forces in their attacks on Portuguese shipping in the Straits of Malacca and have any who landed on Pahang soil killed.[3] In 1522, a unit of Portuguese troops who attempted for an incursion into Pahang were killed by the Pahangite soldiers.[4] Together with the Melakan forces, Pahang also succeeded in defeating the Portuguese in the battle of Muar River.[1] The Portuguese reprisal came in 1523 when Alfonso de Souza attacked Pahang, killed 5,000 Malays and carried off a large number into slavery.[3] Years later in 1526, Pahang retaliated by sending 2,000 soldiers to assist the fleeing Melakan forces in Bintan against Pedro Mascarenhas.[4] Mahmud Shah died in 1530 and having had issue two sons and several daughters. He is styled as Marhum di Hilir after his death and was succeeded by his first son, Raja Jainad