Saturday, 11 May 2013


Ancient Coin : Sultanah Inayat Shah Zakiat Ad Din Shah ( Aceh Sultanate 1678-1688 CE) This is a gold coin from Sultanah Inayat Shah Zakiat Ad Din Shah era. She is the third female to be throned in Aceh Sultanate and daughter of Sultan Muhammad Shah. She reigned Aceh from 1678 - 1688 CE. In 1683 CE , she had the "honor" of receiving a delegation and gifts from the Sharif of Mecca which originally intended for Great Moghul Aurangzeb who refused the delegation. Aceh is a state located at the northern end of Sumatra island ( Indonesia). It is also known by its Arabic honorific Darus Salam ( Abode of Peace) from 1511-1959 CE. Aceh's origins are unquestionably Cham, as the Champa king Syah Pau Kubah sent his son Syah Pau Ling to rule over Aceh when the capital Vijaya in 1471 AD, was sacked by the Vietnamese Le Dynasty. The Sultanate of Aceh was founded in 1511 CE after the fall of Pasai Sultanate by Sultan Ali Mughayat Shah. It’s presumed that he is the same person as Syah Pau Ling who converted to Islam. The Sultanate lasted till 1903 when the last Aceh Sultan Muhammad III Daud Shah Johan Berdaulat surrendered to Dutch occupation. Obv: Zakiat Ad Din Berdaulat Shah Rev: Paduka Sri Sultanah Inayat Shah Weight : 0.56 gm Dim : 14mm Date : 1678 - 1688 CE Rarity : Denom : Mas Material : Gold

Monday, 6 May 2013


This is a gold coin from Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah III era. He became the ruler of Johor Empire in 1623CE. Round gold coin ( kupang ) under the rule of Johor Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah III ( 1623 - 1677 CE). Johor is located in the southern tip of Peninsular of Malaysia as well as the most southern point of the Asian Continent. The name of Johor originated from the Arabic word Jawhar which means jewel. It is also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Takzim ( Abode of Dignity). The Sultanate of Johor was founded by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II , the son of exiled last Sultan of Malacca ( Sultan Mahmud Shah) in 1528 CE. Johor was part of Malaccan Sultanate prior to Malacca occupation by Portuguese in 1511 CE. Obv: Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Rev: Khalifatul Mukmin Weight : 0.64 gm Dim : 11mm Rarity : Very Rare ( similar to SS09 except round shape)


Ancient Coin Review 09 : Sultan Mahmud Shah II - Johor Sultanate (1685-1699CE) This is a gold coin from Sultan Mahmud Shah II era. He became the ruler of Johor Empire in 1685CE. He is the last Johor Sultan with Malacca Royal Line. He was murdered leaving no heir. His death is famously called " Mangkat Di Julang". Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia relating this tragedy. "According to the book Tuhfat al-Nafis, in 1699, during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah II, pirates were storming the shores of southern Johor, from Mersing to Pulau Penyengat and Riau. Laksamana (Admiral) Megat Seri Rama, known as Laksamana Bentan, named after his origin, Bintan Island, was ordered to stop the menace. He left behind his beloved wife, Dang Anum, who was heavily pregnant, while he went to stop the pirate attacks. His absence presented an opportunity to a former palace officer, who was jealous of Megat Seri Rama, to plot against him. Dang Anum eagerly craved a piece of jackfruit, taken from the palace orchard, that was on its way to be presented to the Sultan. The penghulu or the head of a sub-district, who was sending the fruit to the palace sympathised with Dang Anum. He stole a piece of jackfruit and gave it to Dang Anum. The Sultan, who noticed that the fruit had been cut, before he tasted the fruit, was so angered with the penghulu's action. His thoughts were also poisoned by the jealous palace officer who said that Dang Anum's action had obviously brought shame to the Sultan, leaving the Sultan to eat the rest of the fruit after her. The sultan ordered the women to the palace for punishment. Desperate for her life and the child she bore in her belly, Dang Anum told the sultan that the fruit that she ate was for her child. The Sultan asked for proof and the woman's belly was cut, and the child was seen with the piece of the jackfruit. The murder was kept secret to all the palace inhabitants. Laksamana Megat Seri Rama discovered the murder of his wife and child when he returned from the war. He decided to seek revenge. On one Friday afternoon, during the Friday prayers, while the Sultan was lifted up (julang) by his men, he was ambushed and stabbed to death by the Laksamana. Before he drew his last breath, he cast a curse which forbade the sons of Bintan to touch the grounds of Kota Tinggi for eternity. If not, all of them will vomit blood to death. The Laksamana died as well as the sultan. Sultan Mahmud Syah, known then as Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang, was buried in Kampung Makam, Kota Tinggi, while Laksamana Megat Seri Rama at Kampung Kelantan, also in Kota Tinggi. To this day, people[who?] still believe that the curse still exists and most Bintanese still feared to come to Kota Tinggi. (Other versions of this story state that the curse lasts merely seven generations.)" Octagonal gold coin ( kupang ) under the rule of Johor Sultan Mahmud Shah( 1685 - 1699 CE). Obv: Sultan Mahmud Shah Rev: Khalifatul Mukmin Weight : 0.62 gm Dim : 12mm Rarity : RR ( ref SS16)

Thursday, 2 May 2013



This is a gold coin from Sultan Aladin Riayat Shah era. He was the aged grandson of Sultan Muzaffar Shah and the son of Al Malik Firman Shah. He killed the grandson of Sultan Aladin Mansur Shah, the son of SUltan Abdul Jalil Shah of Johore. This created a tension between Aceh & Johore.It's narrated by John Davis in his journal in 1599 CE that Sultan Aladin originally was a fisherman. He reigned Aceh from 1589 - 1604 CE. Obv: As Sultan Al Adil Rev: Aladin Ibn Firman Shah Weight : 0.59 gm Dim : 13mm Date : 1589 - 1604 CE Rarity : Denom : Mas Material : Gold