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Alauddin Riayat Shah علاء الدين رعاية شاه

Alauddin Riayat Shah of Pahang

علاء الدين رعاية شاه

Reign 1614–1615
Predecessor Abdul Ghafur Muhiuddin Shah
Successor Abdul Jalil Shah III
House Melaka
Father Abdul Ghafur Muhiuddin Shah
Religion Sunni Islam
Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Ghafur Muhiuddin Shah was the 13th Sultan of Pahang who reigned from 1614 to 1615. He seized the throne after killing his father, Abdul Ghafur Muhiuddin Shah and elder brother, the heir apparent Raja Abdullah. His name is identified based on the recent discovery of a treaty with his seal attached, in the Portuguese National Archives in Lisbon. It was recorded that he entered into treaty relations with the Portuguese Malacca on 16 August 1614. Until then, his name had been unknown to historians. The seal is now the earliest known extant seal from the Malay peninsular.
In 1615, the Acehnese under Iskandar Muda invaded Pahang, forcing Alauddin Riayat Shah to retreat into the interiors. He nevertheless continued to exercise some ruling powers and faced several further onslaughts by the Acehnese in 1617,1635 and 1638 and from Johor in 1638. His reign in exile is considered officially ended after the installation of a distant relative, Raja Bujang to the Pahang throne in 1615.
Raja Bujang who reigned as Abdul Jalil Shah was eventually deposed in the Acehnese invasion in 1617, but restored to the Pahang throne and also installed as the new Sultan of Johor following the death of his uncle, Abdullah Ma'ayat Shah in 1623. This event led to the union of the crown of Pahang and Johor, and the formal establishment of Johor Empire.