Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Ancient Coin : Sultan Alauddin Ibn Firman Shah ( Aceh Sultanate 1589 - 1604 CE) This is a gold coin from Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah era. He was the aged grandson of Sultan Muzaffar Shah and the son of Al Malik Firman Shah. He killed the grandson of Sultan Aladin Mansur Shah, the son of SUltan Abdul Jalil Shah of Johore. This created a tension between Aceh & Johore.It's narrated by John Davis in his journal in 1599 CE that Sultan Aladin originally was a fisherman. He reigned Aceh from 1589 - 1604 CE. Obv: As Sultan Al Adil Rev: Alauddin Ibn Firman Shah Weight : 0.59 gm Dim : 13mm Date : 1589 - 1604 CE Rarity :scarce Denom : Mas Material : Gold


Ancient Coin : Sultan Perkasa Alam ( Aceh Sultanate 1607-1636 CE) This is a gold coin from Sultan Perkasa Alam era. He is the cousin of Sultanah Kamalat Shah and reigned Aceh from 1607-1636 CE. Aceh is a state located at the northern end of Sumatra island ( Indonesia). It is also known by its Arabic honorific Darus Salam ( Abode of Peace) from 1511-1959 CE. Aceh's origins are unquestionably Cham, as the Champa king Syah Pau Kubah sent his son Syah Pau Ling to rule over Aceh when the capital Vijaya in 1471 AD, was sacked by the Vietnamese Le Dynasty. The Sultanate of Aceh was founded in 1511 CE after the fall of Pasai Sultanate by Sultan Ali Mughayat Shah. It’s presumed that he is the same person as Syah Pau Ling who converted to Islam. The Sultanate lasted till 1903 when the last Aceh Sultan Muhammad III Daud Shah Johan Berdaulat surrendered to Dutch occupation. Obv: Sri Sultan Perkasa Alam Rev: Djohan Berdaulat Bin Ali Weight : 0.60 gm Dim : 14mm Date : 1607-1636 CE Rarity :Scarce Denom : Mas Material : Gold