Monday, 30 January 2017


PORTUGUESE, Malacca, Manuel I (1495-1521), tin bastardo, first issue (1511) (43.48 g), 39mm., obv. D M P R DE PV SOR DIE MALA, armillary sphere, rev. CRVX XPI NOSTRE SPES VNICA, cross of christ,  Very fine and rare. This large and attractive coin was only known through documentary evidence until the beginning of the 20th century, when several examples appeared during dredging of the Malacca river. Since that time, more have been found at excavation sites and completely unknown types of Portuguese coins have appeared. There are believed to have been at least three issues of these bastardos of 10 solidus or 100 dinheiros noted in descending order according to weight and diameter. This specimen belongs to the earliest minting ordered by Alfonso de Albuquerque which have a diameter of 39-44mm and a weight of 46-56 grams. They were later reduced to 35mm and 35 grams.


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