Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Tin doits of Batavia.Through lack od copper the mint at Surabaya was unable to supply a sufficiency of copper coins and in 1813 it was decided to start coining doits of pure tin at batavia.From now on apparently only copper half stivers were struck at surabaya.A proclamation of April 9.1813 announced that a quantity of tin doits of pure banka tin was to be struck at Batavia.Like the copper doits these were legal tender at the rate of 264 to the sp.$=66stivers for payment not exceeding sp.$10. As late as 1814 tin doits were still struck but in October of that year coinge at batavia ceased. DOIT IN TIN A large V between E-C,above 1,below 1813 Rev.*1*/DOIT/JAVA,BELOW * *REALLY WELL-PRESERVED SPECIMENS OF THESE COINS ARE NOW RARE REFERENCE : C.SCHOLTEN 613 & 614

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