Friday, 6 September 2013


Ancient Coin: Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah@Ahmad Shah ( Aceh Sultanate 1579 - 1586 CE) Sultan Hussein alias Ali Riayat Shah of Aceh invaded Perak in year 1573 .All the royal family of Perak was brought to Aceh and Perak became regent to the Aceh sultanate.After the death of Sultan Hussein,he left no prince to succeed over the Kingdom causing a power struggle,prince Mansor of Perak was then chosen in 1579 to take over in Aceh as sultan Alauddin Mansor Shah,however he was not popular to the local Aceh due to being a foreigner. He reigned Aceh from 1579 - 1586 CE.In August 1582 he sent out a fleet against Johore which attacked Malacca on the way,but with out success ,new plans againts the Portuguese came to nothing because Sultan Alaudin Ibn Ahmad was murdered in 1585 or 1586 on his way to Perak to install his brother as the Sultan of Perak. REF: No reign title MALIK AZ ZAHIR coin is inscribed with the name of his father AHMAD the ruler of PERAK. Obv: As Sultan Al Adil Rev: Alauddin ibn Ahmad Weight : 0.60 gm Dim : 12mm Date : 1571 - 1579 CE Rarity :Rare Denom : Mas Material : Gold

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