Thursday, 14 March 2013


This is a gold coin from SULTAN MUZAFFAR SHAH.He become the ruler of JOHOR EMPIRE in 1564-1570.The name of JOHOR Originated from the Arabic word JAWHAR which mean JEWEL.It is also know by its Arabic hororific,Darul Takzim (Adobe of dignity) I bought this gold coin of the JOHOR SULTANATE in FEB2013.It is so hard to find this coin and yet i am very lucky to have it. Bought this from a trader in KOTA TINGGI,believed this coin was own by only limited collector. OBV: SULTAN MUZAFFAR SHAH REV: KHALIFATUL MUKMININ EDGE : PLAIN WEIGHT : 0.61GRAMMES DIAMETER : 12MM COMPOSITION : GOLD RARITY : RRR SULTAN MUZAFFAR SHAH RULED THE EMPIRE OF JOHOR FROM 1564-1570

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