Monday, 5 November 2012


During the 1730's the cobs were gradually replaced by machine struck silver coim of 8 reals value.The reverse featured two crowned hemispheres or half worlds flanked by the pillars of Hercules.Hence these Spanish silver 8 Reales came to be called "PILLAR DOLLARS".In the Malay peninsula,these coins were also known as "RINGGIT MERIAM" THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL PILLAR DOLLAR OR PIECE DATED 1736.IT HAS SUFFERED VERY SLIGHTY FROM THE RAVAGES OF 300 YEARS UNDERWATER. ON JULY 3,1743 the Hollandia set sail on her maiden voyage from Texel in the Netherland towards Batavia (present day Indonesia).On board were 276 sailors and soldiers as well as a number of distinguished passengers. Under the command of Captain Jan Kelder,the ship toted 129,000 guilders in silver in the form of "PILLAR" dollars.There were also quite a number of 8 reale cobs and ducatons on board. These were the property of the captain.These were contraband as the owners intended to trade for themselves outside of the company.The Hollandia had begun her trip by heading the English channel but through a disastrous navigational error headed west-northwest ,dangerously close to the rocks of the Scilly Isles. Efforts to correct the mistake failed,the Hollandia struck gunner rock on the night of JULY 13th. Badly damaged but still afloat,the captain ordered one or more of the Hollandia canon guns be fired as a distress signal but the terrified islander were unable to assist in the dark night and the periously rough sea conditions. By morning nothing remained on the ship but floating debris,all 276 members aboard perished and the ship precious cargo was lost. IN 1972 professional divers and technicians located HOLLANDIA remain which were scattered over a wide area of the sea bed ,a limited numbers of coins were recovered from the wreck one of which is presented here. it was recovered from Dutch East India Ship HOLLANDIA which sunk on her maiden voyage on the ISLES OF SCILLY ENGLAND IN 1743 WEIGHT : 25.6GMS DIAMETER : 38mm

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